Basic Science Group - International Health Sciences University

BASGI consists of teaching faculty with interests in research in the areas of Microbiology, Pharmacology and Molecular medicine at the International Health Sciences University (IHSU).  

What we do

Our primary research areas are related to chronic sickle cell disease, zoonotic infectious diseases and novel therapeutics. This research is primarily based in remote areas across the country.

For the chronic sickle cell disease, we are working with the Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation to develop research initiatives in the management and sensitization of the disease. Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a genetic blood disorder that affects the hemoglobin within the red blood cells. The burden of the disease is highest in Sub-Saharan Africa with an estimated prevalence of 45 % in Uganda and the burden is likely to continue largely due to its limited visibility and support for the disease. Our focus on SCD is critically important to generate research evidence that will inform policy at national, regionally and globally.

Zoonoses still represent significant public health threats, but many of them are not prioritized by health systems at national and international levels. The risks from zoonoses are often not reported or recorded. We therefore are working with communities at Buvuma Island where there is a growing concern arising from human-animal interface with the view of identifying factors that contribute to human health problems and thereafter propose remedial evidence based solutions.

Regarding novel therapeutics, our team is investigating novel pytochemicals from the rich biodiversity on Buvuma Islands. We are also working to develop novel therapeutics from extremophilic bacteria from selected hotsprings in Uganda.  

Our research is classified into the four categories:

  • Non-Communicable diseases
  • Communicable diseases
  • Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)
  • Novel therapeutics

We are a multidisciplinary team and seek to foster ongoing collaborative research with established research scientists because we know that together we can achieve more innovative solutions to both national and global public health problems.

We welcome any collaborations to innovate solutions for Africa's problems. Please contact us through our email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The BASGI Team


“To transform the community health status through research” and aligns with IHSU vision of “Bridging the gap in healthcare education through research and training”


To be the leading research group in areas of neglected tropical diseases and non-communicable diseases and which augments IHSU’s mission which is “ to make a difference to health care by bridging the gaps in health care education through research and training in line with highest professional, academic, clinical standards and sharing knowledge to promote health development’
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