International Health Sciences University (IHSU), a health-focused higher institution of learning offers a rich and conducive environment for research, innovations and creativity. Through the University’s various faculties, we offer a range of programs coupled with a multidisciplinary environment for research. The University seeks to fundamentally contribute to new knowledge through critical inquiry and innovations that can lead to improved health outcomes of populations in Uganda and beyond. As a University, we strive to focus on research that promotes equity, influences policy and empowers populations.

Key drivers for research activities and innovations  include: Our vision of “Bridging a gap in healthcare education through research and training”; as well as the complex and multidimensional nature of societal health challenges in the country.


We strive to strengthen both local and international research partnerships and collaborations with other Universities as well as industry as a strategy for remaining relevant, building capacity and sustaining our research visibility. The University has prioritised four (4)  broad research areas considered relevant to our academic departments and community stakeholders:

Public Health  Health Systems Strengthening 

Clinical Laboratory Science  Population Ageing

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