Odda’s training is a rich blend of Biological, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a climax in Phyto pharmacology. John joined the School of Nursing, International Health Sciences University, Namwongo-Kampala at the level of a Lecturer in 2014. His areas of expertise include Natural products research with Pharmacological importance especially in infectious diseases research, Drug development and safety studies, Rational Medicines use, Use of HPLC in quality assessment of drugs and natural products, Clinical Laboratory Sciences Research and Pharmacological demonstrations.

Research Interests

Odda’s research focuses on issues of exploiting available natural resources and standardization of natural products especially phytochemicals in addressing Infectious disease challenges rampart in resource limited countries like Uganda. Furthermore, John has a great passion for Animal disease models, safety studies, rational medicines use, Use of HPLC in quality assessment of drugs and natural products, and Clinical Laboratory Sciences Research.

Teaching Interests

John teaches Pharmacology and Biostatistics to second year Bachelor of Nursing Science students at International Health Sciences University. Odda has so far supervised projects of 18 final year undergraduate students in their project work at International Health Sciences University.


  • J Odda, C Obua  , S Kisaka, A Lubega , P Waako, J D Kabasa (2016).In vivoantimalaria activity of the aqueous ethanolic extract of PhyllanthusamarusSchum. andThonn(Euphorbiaceae)from Uganda(Accepted for Publication in the International Journal of Pharmacy).
  • J Odda, P Waako, J Tabuti, S Kisaka, S Okello, J D Kabasa, C Obua(2013). Fluctuations of plumbagin content in the roots of the Ugandan Plumbagozylenica L (Plumbaginaceae) in relation to floral development. Online International Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 
  • John Odda, Paul Waako, Steven Kisaka, Sam Okello, John David Kabasa and CelestinoObua(2013).Local Indigenous Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Processing Antimalarial Herbs: An Assessment Based on WHO Requirements. Open Science Resipository Anthropology, Online (open access), e70081989.doi: 10.7392/openaccess.70081989
  • Godfrey Bosa,DavidB.Kyegombe,WilliamW.Anokbonggo,MohammadNtale,DavidMusoke,John Odda, Aloysius Lubega,JasperOgwal-Okeng (2013).Chronic alcohol use affects therapeutic steady state Plasma concentrations of stavudine,lamivudine and Nevirapine in HIV infected patients during months follow up period:WHO AUDIT tool application. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology.
  • Godfrey S.Bbosa,DavidB.Kyegombe,WilliamW.Anokbonggo, Jasper Ogwal-Okeng,DavidMusoke,JohnOdda, Aloysius Lubega, and Mohammad Ntale(2014).Chronic  ethanol use in alcoholic beverages by HIV patients affects the therapeutic Window of stavudine, lamivudine and Nevirapine during the 9 month follow- up period:Using chronic alcohol-use biomarkersl application.Journal of Basic ClinPhysiolPharmacol.
  • Godfrey S.Bbosa,DavidKitya,John Odda, Jasper Ogwal-Okeng(2013).Aflatoxinsmetabolism,effects on epigenetic mechanisms and their role in Carcinogenesis Health.
  • John Odda, SibylleKristensen, John Kabasa& Paul Waako (2008).Larvicidal activity of CombretumcollinumFresen against Aedesstegomyiaaegypti. JVector Dis.

John attended and participated in the Regional Initiative in Science and Education-African Natural Products Training Network (RISE-AFNNET) Meeting at Kampala-Uganda (August,2015)

Bsc, Msc (ASCP), PhD
Lecturer - School of Nursing

Work:           +256 312 307400 

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