Robert Basaza is Medical Doctor and Health Economist. He joined the Institute of Public Health and Management (IPHM) of the International Health Sciences University in 2012. His areas of expertise is health systems and include health financing and economic evaluation, with specific application to health insurance, health policy and planning.

Research Interests

Health systems: health insurance and other financing mechanisms; health services planning and management; leadership and management, human resources for health, quality of care and economics of health care; health systems as applied to tuberculosis control, non-communicable diseases, knowledge translation in health service delivery and improving quality of University teaching.


Robert coordinates the teaching of Health Economics module for both undergraduate and post graduate students of Bachelors and Masters of Public Health. He also teaches health policy, planning, management and foundations of public health in both degree programs.


  • Basaza, R., Kabaniha,G., Mayora, C., Ogubi,D., O’Connel, T., Eriki,P., Walter,T., Shepard, D. A DECADE AND HALF TOWARDS UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE IN UGANDA (2001-2015)Where is Uganda and what are the lessons from other LMIC? (Work in progress)
  • Basaza, R., Otieno, E., Musinguzi, A., Mugyenyi, P., Haddock, C., 2015.“.Factors influencing cigarette smoking among soldiers and costs of soldier smoking in the work place at Kakiri Barracks, Uganda”, British Medical Journal Tobacco Control,
  • Basaza, R., Kinegyere, A., Sewankambo, N., 2014. “A national framework for sustainability of health knowledge translation initiatives in Uganda”. WHO evidence based briefs publication:
  • Shepard, D., Kihombo A., Basaza R., Martyris D., Saya U., 2014. “Subsidizing health insurance for target groups in Uganda”. African Strategies for Health/USAID Technical Report.
  • Basaza, R., Cornell T., Chapcokora I, 2013. “The players and the processes behind the National Health Insurance Scheme: A case study of Uganda”, BMC Health Services Research; 13: 57.
  • Basaza R., Criel, B., Van der Stuyft P, 2010. Community health insurance amidst abolition of user fees in Uganda: the view from policy makers and health service managers", BMC Health Services Research.; 10: 33.

MBChB, Msc-HE, PhD
Senior Lecturer | Associate Dean
Institute of Public Health and Management

Work:           +256 312 307400 

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