She joined the International Health Sciences University in 2011 under the Institute of Health Policy and Management working in the IHSU Research department following completion of her BSc. Public Health. She is a Commonwealth Scholar with a MSc. in Gerontology from the University of Southampton UK, a member of the British Society of Gerontology and also a member of the African Research on Ageing Network (AFRAN) of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. Over the years, she has worked with experienced researchers in the field of maternal and child health, gerontology and education which has honed her research skills and enriched her knowledge in the said fields using both qualitative and quantitative approaches to research.

Research Interests

My research interests span from Maternal and child health to the field of ageing and the life course perspective with emphasis on gender inequalities in later life, dynamics of inter-generational support from the African perspective and social policy.

Teaching Interests

Teddy teaches Introduction to Primary Health care and Community Health at both Bachelors and Diploma level. She coordinates the IHSU staff Research Colloquium under the Institute of Public Health and Management.


  • Galukande, M., Bbaale, S.D.,  Duffy, K., Wooding, N., Rackara, S., Nakaggwa, F., Nagaddya, T.,  Elobu, E. Adverse Events Profile of Prepex, a non surgical device for adult male circumcision in a Ugandan urban setting (2014). Public Library of Science - PloS one.
  • Galukande, M., Bbaale, S.D.,  Duffy, K., Wooding, N., Rackara, S., Nakaggwa, F., Nagaddya, T.,  Elobu, E., (2012). Mass safe male circumcision: early lessons from a Ugandan urban site - a case study.   Pan African Medical Journal
  • Sims, M., Nagaddya, T., Kivunja, C., et al. (2012). Children's experiences of social exclusion -What is it like living in a slum in Kampala? Australian  Journal of International Research on Early Childhood Education (IRECE), Vol 2, No 1, 2012: ISSN-1838-0689)


  • Wooding, N., Nagaddya, T.,  and  Nakaggwa, F,. (2012). Primary healthcare in EastAfrica: For how long shall countries run after diseases? Fountain Publishers Kampala (ISBN:978-9970-25-148-3)
  • Wooding, N., Nagaddya, T.,  and  Nakaggwa, F,. (2014). Healthcare Ethics: A Developing Countries’ Context (In-Press)

Msc. Gero (Southampton-UK);
Bsc.PH (IHSU-Uganda)

Lecturer/ Research Officer
Institute of Public Health and Management

Work:           +256 312 307400 
Skype:          teddy.nagaddya

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