Research Focus Areas

The University has prioritised four (4) broad research areas considered relevant to our academic departments and community stakeholder

Research related to health systems strengthening is one of the top priorities for the university and is geared towards addressing some of the leading health systems and workforce challenges in the nation and beyond.  The country’s need to effectively respond to the changing landscape and increasing complexity in health care, remains dependent on the quality of its health system in terms of its workforce, information system, availability of health services,  and most importantly the quality of leadership. 

Thus researchers at International Health Sciences University seek to generate important evidence and knowledge on ways in which healthcare systems can be strengthened through:

  • Use of appropriate evidence to underpin interventions geared towards strengthening leadership and management;
  • Understanding and evaluating evidence-based practices for financing health care delivery;
  • Understanding and evaluating evidence-based practices for improving health information systems;
  • Use of robust data to inform evidence-based interventions and innovations for health workforce development;
  • Assessing the readiness of the healthcare systems in the context of emerging and re-emerging diseases that increase burden and frailty of healthcare systems;
  • And adopting an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to understand the interactions between the context of healthcare, practice and policy, and their impact on health, patient and organizational outcomes.
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